Highlights from the NACF industry webinar – Biodiversity Net Gain: the practicalities, challenges and opportunities

Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is the newest and perhaps least understood of the new regulations and requirements of public sector construction. It presents us with considerable challenges in assembling teams with the correct balance of skills, aligning professional opinions between client, contractor and planning authority, and understanding the ongoing governance of biodiversity.

To tackle these issues and more we brought together a brilliant and diverse panel for a webinar discussion to look at some key lessons and learnings from some of the first schemes. Our panel also shared their thoughts on navigating the shift in our culture and approach to growth in public sector construction that BNG needs.

Our panel featured:

Neil Sherriff, Senior Sustainability Manager, Mace Group

Sam Bower, Head of Sustainability: Ecology, Biodiversity, Arboriculture, Balfour Beatty

Adam Sanford, Operations Lead, SCF Frameworks

Rory Watson Newman, Estates Contract Manager, One Horton Heath

Rachel Jones, Principal Consultant – Planning Advisory Service and ecology manager, Wiltshire Council

We were very pleased to welcome 135 attendees joined from a diverse audience of Environmental Specialists and Ecologists to Project Managers and Engineers. The breadth of interest was a reflection of the reach of skills and expertise needed in meeting BNG requirements.

In this article, we’ve picked out some of the key pieces of insight from the discussion to share. We hope that some of these will help our construction and public sector colleagues to start on the right road with BNG.