Frameworks: Trust in local government to deliver

We recognise that you, our public sector colleagues, will face many challenges as we seek to restart the economy and get Britain back onto its feet.

Frameworks can play an integral role in overcoming these challenges. But what is in a framework? There is so much choice available and so many claims to compare. How can you be confident that you have selected a provider that will work towards your objectives, not theirs?

The National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) – a best practice organisation of local government procurement professionals – can help you to ask the right questions.

Squaring the circle

When looking at the issue of place in a post-pandemic world, we face a seemingly impossible dichotomy; and one that will sit high on the agenda of Leaders and Chief Executives across the UK.

We must seek to stimulate local economic recovery and inward investment through strong partnerships, good decision making and effective planning.

These lay the foundations in accelerating well executed construction, regeneration and place shaping projects that are underpinned by infrastructure that performs.

Quite rightly, there is a renewed expectation from government that we deliver more than quality assets and infrastructure, on time and on budget; we must also engage the most innovative new delivery and site management techniques that will achieve success in a safe, sustainable and socially responsible way.

These objectives must clearly be accomplished with taxpayer value as a central consideration, but equally, will be intensely challenging in a future that predicts vastly increased financial pressures. Further, how can this be achieved when private businesses will also be looking for creative ways to replace lost growth.

With these opposing forces in mind, how can we deliver stronger, more efficient and consistent results, in more imaginative ways than we have in the past?

The answer lies in establishing partnerships that are built upon trust.

Trust can only be realised through honesty, mutual understanding, shared goals, constant dialogue and importantly, a common definition of value.

The foundations of partnership

As representatives of local government, finding trust and value in the partnerships that we forge has never been more important.

At one time or another, we have all experienced circumstances where we felt that best value may not have been secured through a contract. In these situations, trust and transparency will have been noticeably absent.

Trust is developed through the alignment of values and principles. It comes from mutual appreciation and establishing a shared vision.

When it comes to framework procurement, you are therefore presented with a choice.