NACF Features in The Construction Playbook

Following the latest revision of The Construction Playbook, the NACF is now referenced as a group that can reliably help organisations through sharing knowledge of best practice for effective contracting (page 51). The update to the Construction Playbook is the result of extensive collaboration from across the public and private sectors and we are delighted to feature in such a significant and valuable guidance document.

Whilst The Construction Playbook continues to be mandated for use by all central government departments and their commissioned work, it is not yet mandated for local government use. However, the change to a more inclusive ‘wider public sector’ is positive, and inclusion of its best practice content is clearly a trajectory supported by the many professional and industry bodies which contributed to this update.

In addition, The Cambridge University Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) Carbon Reduction Code is also mentioned in The Construction Playbook, something we co-developed with Cambridge, central government departments and industry. The code was launched as part of the Construction Leadership Council ‘Co2nstruct Zero’ initiative last year at COP26.