BIM for FM Professionals

The implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has often resulted in fragmented data and missed opportunities for effective asset management.

In collaboration with Morgan Sindall, we have stepped in to help bridge this gap, harnessing the expertise of Facilities Management Managers to distill essential asset information into a comprehensive template.

This template will empower local authorities to articulate their needs clearly to designers and contractors, ensuring that the information delivered aligns with operational requirements and placing authorities firmly in control of their building information management journey.

By using our NACF Asset Information Requirements tool, local authorities no longer need to rely on information provided by contractors. Instead, they can understand what data is essential for effective operation and maintenance management, mitigating the risk of receiving inadequate or irrelevant information at project completion.

Our tool has been embraced by a growing network of users and represents a significant milestone in the evolution of construction industry tools.

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